[Solved] Fix a label in top of the screen

How can I fix a label in the top of the screen so the long list i have is scrolling in the back og the label???

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You meant whatever you scroll the list,the label still fix on the top?If so,why didn’t you try to drag a column to the listviewer?If not,what problem were I misunderstood.

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An example of a fixed panel can be found on the scrButtons screen in the project. Use absolute position and zIndex.


Why can I not see how the button get fixed on the screen. I have compared all the settings. But still the buttons are following the screen when i scroll it


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Thanks. I have that to absolute but i also have the button in a coloumn, is it the column i need to be absolute ot the button???

If the button is in a column, then you need to make the column absolute.


I’m a beginner in Thunkable and I was wondering how to do it now in the new version of Thunkable.