Redo this effect on scroll

Hey how to redo that that the top stays there and the lower colume scrolls over ?


scrButtons in

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Had a look on that yesterday but isn’t that what I mean is that the top stays fixed and the volume under it scroll over it like on the image when I scroll on spotify the image disappear under the other column the thing is there is no fixed position

I think you’ll have to use two components to do this @danyklein,

A row and the top and a scrollable column underneath

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@domhnallohanlon thx I will have a try :slight_smile:

I did not understand why my solution does not fit. The text goes under the heading. Do you need a different effect?

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Let’s say I have 2 columes, on scrolll on the seconde colume I want that it goes over the colume 1

The problem is with absolute that I can’t click the button on the top in page les dossiers

On this screen I do not see any buttons at all. He is empty. There is only a headline.

Ahh send you the wrong version but if you add one you will see that we can’t click on it

here is it with a button