Scrollable column NOT WORKING

Hello there,

I am trying to make an app that helps a restaurant receiving client orders. But the main problem is that in the Checkout screen all the elements being in the scrollable column are going to the bottom of the screen even if all is set to an absolute size / Fit contents and vertical aligment on column and screen are set to Top,

I’ll share a copy of it here without the firebase info so you can test it:

Thanks in advance for the help!

There are some problems with the scrollable columns. Sometimes it works, but often not. The list viewers and data viewers work better for that purpose. The other option is to have the whole screen scrollable.

That’s right! But I don’t understand why there’s no issues open about this topic it seems like everything is okay but it’s not. I should try what you are saying and see if it works

There are actually some tickets open on their bug reporting platform Github, like this one: But you’re right, it’s not discussed a whole lot on here. I think because it’s been an issue for so long.

I just moved everything directly to the screen but still occurs the same behaviour

Maybe the error is related with the scrollable feature more than with the column element, I really don’t understand why this is happening

Have you live tested it in the web site or from the Thunkable Live App?

I tested it on thunkable live, in iOS and Android and the problem persists.

I’m not seeing where the problem is. Everything seems to work okay on my Android through the live app. Other than the check out button gets cut off a little at the bottom if there are multiple items.

You do have a ton of ui elements. You could probably simplify it by using the “Any Components” blocks and some variables passing/holding the data for each item selected to loop and create the ui components in blocks.