My app isn't scrolling any more

Here’s the Project that i’m trying to build -

I’m just trying to make my Home Screen SCROLLABLE from Yesterday.

It’s scrollable in live view but when i export the app and install

It cuts off in half and become unscrollable in mobile

After trying every possible thing like - putting components in column and making it scrollable, it still doesn’t works.

Even after putting my Question in your EXPERT COMMUNITY , i’m still unable to find a solution to do this BASIC THING.

literally- Scrolling is the most basic thing that any App would need.

I have also posted for multiple other Issues that i faced but got no answers from the community.

I adjusted my way around those issues but it has now became impossible for me to work without a scrolling screen.

I feel like i have Paid for Testing and finding your BUGS.

We Don’t need your FANCY ADVANCED SETTINGS, we just need these basic things to get done.

I really didn’t expected this, i thought you guys were Professionals.

Please fix this Scroll Thing Sir/Madam.

I really need to get this project done.

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