The text in my labels isn't showing up

On one screen I have three labels, two of them have text isn’t appearing fully. The third one in the image does have it’s text changed in the code, but always to actual text, not an empty string. The first label, as you can see, is showing text, but it’s going off the page and I don’t know how to get it all to show up. (the second label is fine)
If you know how to fix these please let me know!

I think we’re going to need more information to help. Older (legacy) designer or the new drag-and-drop beta? How are you previewing/viewing these labels? What are your label size settings? (Fit/Fill/Absolute/Relative?) What’s your font size setting? Can you try setting height to “fit contents” and make sure there’s enough room for all the labels in any container they might be in? I’m wondering if the 3rd label is getting squashed because there’s no more room in the container.

can i try?

sry but try to redo the code

I kinda just deleted everything and restarted. It’s good now. Thanks for offering to help!