Label showing in wrong position


Im trying to place a text label right below an image in the new UI.

However when I preview it, the label is placed in center of screen.

Any idea what Im doing wrong?
Thank you

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Unless you’re building for web, you’ll want to check layout in Thunkable Live. It may be broken there too, but just in case.

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Hi catsarisky,

In thunkable live I get this:


So the Test label is totally missing?

It seems so

Huh. That’s weird! Want to share a project link?

Is this Android, or iOS?

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I tested it in Android.

Here is the link:


On iOS live:

… because the image was set to ‘center’ instead of ‘contain’. I switched it, and got this:

Weirdly, the “test” text is not centered on the page. It’s not obvious to me why not.

Are there features in the drag and drop UI that you want? This is the sort of behavior that has me mostly using the older UI instead.


Funny thing is, yesterday I was making a hangman app in the new UI. There were a lot of issues with the visibility (known DnD bug), so I tried to remake it in the legacy UI. When I live tested it, no changes were displayed. I added a label to test whether changes were being reflected, and that didn’t appear in Thunkable Live. Are these connected?

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Thank you guys for checking it. I like the idea of drag and drop…but I dont understand why I cant see correctly in preview.

Thx anyway

Hi there,

I tried out a few things with this app, and it looks like the Label is defaulting to be in roughly the center of the screen. This applies to the x and y axis, which you can see if you make the Label narrower than the Screen and add a border.

I added a new Label and it does not behave this way, so I’m going to see what exactly is causing this behavior. For your project, it looks like deleting this Label and adding a new one might resolve this behavior?

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Just following up on my bit of testing: I was not able to make another Label behave this way, even with the same text, font size, font weight, and position. Similarly, changing properties such as position, height, width, font size or text color on this original Label hasn’t changed its behavior of centering itself when viewed on the web.

I’m going to keep digging around to see if I can find the cause of this behavior, but for your purposes, I think deleting this Label and adding a new one is the fastest resolution.

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