[SOLVED]Issues using Thunkable Live v.312-14 [June 2022] [issues with label styles {font/alignment/shadow]

Hello Thunkers !
Just updated my Thunkable Live to v.312-14 … and all starting to look weird on my Andoid Live Test.
Some labels that were centered, now are right aligned, some API’s are causing crash of the app now (API that worked just fine before the update - I suppose that has something with building them with join text blocks) and so on…
I thought that It’s ok… I`ll just wait for the next Thunkable Live version to fix those… It’s not the end of the world.
But then I went on the Thunkable X… StP version 308-59-prod … and encountered same problems with API … crashes there where yesterday all was just fine… and I didn’t made any changes.
Then I went to Thunkable Live again to read about the latest updates… well, are about labels, positions and so on… and this was relevant … are the things that are not working for me anymore right :thinking:
Anyone else noticed this ?
Thank you for your time !


I noticed the same. For me, it seemed to be more benign, only label texts that were supposed to be centered were aligned to the left. Same for live view on both platforms. I’m using the old editing interface, if this is of any relevance.

However, I downloaded the build and tested it on Android (waiting for TestFlight for iOS) and the actual build at least initially seemed to work the same as before, i.e. well. So, it seems the latest Thunkable Live (live testing) is the culprit here. At least this is what I’ve found out for now. Hope this will be fixed soon.

Ping @jared @domhnallohanlon etc

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I have filed the label issue as a bug internally! Thank you. We made some updates to how props are passed around and tried to root out any leftover issues but this one seems to have not made it through testing. Thank you! We’ll stamp this out asap!


Bad things happens from time to time when a product is a living growing thing… But because you react fast, we can’t be upset and will support you further :blush:


I’m having the same with the labels alignment problems on my StP projects. Some Row and Columns are not being displayed too.

Hope to solve this soon, without the Live Test app our work is painful.

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Well, I downloaded .apk file and labels are wrong in that too… It’s not only the LiveTest, but in built too… at leat for me.


Same here today! It was OK yesterday when I downloaded the APK, but today when I built and downloaded a new one (for Android), labels that were supposed to be centered were aligned to the left. Come on Thunkable, this really needs to be fixed soon… And who knows what else is going on, indeed, the only thing I saw is this label problem. This really prevents from publishing currently. :cry: I’m using the old editing interface as many Thunkers still do.

Hope this really gets fixed soon, as it’s so problematic and seems really pointless as things were working so well before. Even an acknowledgement of the problem and ETA for the fix would be appreciated at this point.

Ping @jared @domhnallohanlon @cassandra etc

Edit. Oh, I saw @jared already replied above to this – sorry for missing that response. Well, it’s good to hear the problem is being addressed. Would appreaciate if we’d get an update here when it’s fixed. Thanks!

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Happened to me also. Both on Thunkable Live and Built App.


After I upgraded Thunkable Live from Version 310 to 312 some of my UI screen are rendered wrong. For example, all labels that are Text Align center are rendered as Text Align left. Attached are screenshots of some minor examples of before (version 310) and after (version 312).

Here is a list of some changes I noticed:

  1. Font changed
  2. The header and footer of my app became smaller
  3. Label font shadows disappeared
  4. Some label justification changed from center to left

Those are just the initial list. I would need to do a full products test now to find all the UI bugs. This is a lot of work and I won’t be able to release a new version in the App store until this is fixed.

  1. Did this happen to anyone else?
  2. Is the Thunkable team aware of this and working on it?
  3. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

FYI: My project is on StP because Dnd didn’t work for me the last time I converted/upgraded.



For the same thing, see this other thread: [SOLVED]Issues using Thunkable Live v.312-14 [June 2022] [issues with label styles {font/alignment/shadow]

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Do you have any ETA on the fix, @jared ? I have an update pending on this; can’t really do anything as the labels are not centered and the app looks weird. Don’t know if I’m having other issues too, but as far as I can tell, the only problem has been the labels. Feels like it could be somewhat easily fixed… Small but annoying bug. :slight_smile: Hopefully this is at least a priority fix atm.

@jared Same here. I have a pending app release but I can’t release in the App Store with weird looking UI. Any ETA on this?

Or is it possible to run a build to App Store using the older version of Thunkable until this is fixed?

This won’t be possible unless we backtrack which isn’t what we’re doing. We are fixing the issue. We have an engineer assigned to the us and looking into this already today. Hopefully can have updates soon.

@maptheunknown @ethosworkfi @paulovaz72


I can confirm on my end too. This Loading label, for whatever reason, is the only label in my app that is not following the alignment I have set:

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Guess I won’t be updating my app this week, after all… :confused:

Yesterday i opened a 6 month app developed by thunkable and i found the following:
all the labels which have “fill container” as width dimension align the text as LEFT and cannot change the format. You can see it changing on the designer but on the mobile you always see it left aligned. Only if the width dimension is set to fit content i can change text alignment.

i did a search but didnt find there was a similar topic about text alignment after Thunkable update. As i said in the above post i found a workaround and if you set the label width as fit content your text will be correctly aligned.



Thank you for this, it really works. However, it’s indeed a workaround – helped me to solve some issues but obviously not all. Sometimes you just need to scale the label to the container and then center, and it’s somewhat hard to achieve the same design through the workaround; however, sometimes you can actually use this method. Well, I’m off for the week. Hopefully things will be properly fixed soon.

just put a label inside a col or row container, align the container and then align the label inside as you like. set the label as fit content and … enjoy!!!
we will wait the bug solving with a beer!! happy thunky!!


Thanks for your help, but I couldn’t really solve everything with the workaround.

So let me give you a case:

I have a label that should be 75% width of the screen. The label has centered text and obviousy depending on the screen size, the text sometimes fits on a single line and sometimes you need more lines. If I place the label inside a row/column that’s fit to container for width (i.e. 100% screen width) and set the label to fit to contents and center the text, it works nicely. However, if I set either the label to 75% screen width OR the row/column which contains the label to this, the center alignment with the label is lost. So at the end of the day we’re back in the square one.

As said, if I’d go with 100% screen width and use row/col for this, I’d be fine, but the problems comes along with the scaling. So, it seems we’d just really need the fix (and even if the workaround fully worked, it would be just unreasonable to start editing old apps for this). In any case, thanks for your kind help. :slight_smile:

Hope the engineers get this sorted soon, as @jared was hinting, I guess. Now I’m really off for the weekend…

Edit. I also tried fiddling with margins/padding for the elements to achieve the same effect, but no luck. :confused:

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