[SOLVED]Issues using Thunkable Live v.312-14 [June 2022] [issues with label styles {font/alignment/shadow]

This did it for me! It was working previously with fill container. I left my row as fill container (100% screen width) and label to fit contents. Works like a charm. I’ll just update the rest of my screens to the same…


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Another issue that I noticed, and I think is related to this topic is when you have a label 100% or Fill container, the full area of the label is not clickable anymore, just the part where the text is in.

Any ETA on the fix, @jared ? I’d be very happy if this was fixed soon. :slight_smile: I’m holding off from publishing new updates because of this.


I have an alignment problem in my screen that I cannot solve in any way.
If I see the live view everything is okay.
If I use the web version at this link everything is ok

But if I install the apk the writings are shifted.

Please give me some ideas.

Maybe is the same problem ? :thinking:

As you can see, @Thunkable_Staff already looking into it…

i have notice the web version specs is totally different to on the phone

But so I can’t publish my app until the staff fixes the problem, or have you found a workaroud? :pensive:

I’m tired of workarounds … And I’m in the same situation about publishing update. I’ll just have to wait, as my app has more then 15 screens and more then 15.000 blocks to deal with with “workarounds” :blush:


Any updates here? Me (a company not a person) like others devs have apps to publish and we can’t.

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I didn’t understand, I paid to publish and I can’t because of a bug. Do we have to wait much longer?

Hey everyone, I opened an old project of mine today and I too experienced this error. A few labels in my app had their text alignment set to center -when I tested my app today on Thunkable Live app (latest version), the alignment was disturbed. I needed to rollout my app today, so I unfortunately could not wait for a proper fix of the error - so for the time being I tried a workaround, which solved my problem.

I set my label’s justtifyContent property to center, located in positioning section in advanced properties of label. (image)

To anyone looking for a quick fix for the text alignment bug, I think this would help you :+1:


Hey Thunkers

This issue should not be resolved. Please do follow up if you have any further issues.

To ensure you see these fixes, be sure to upgrade to the latest version of the Companion app. Visit the App Store today just to double check. When you’re building your app be sure to refresh the web browser and you may also need to move blocks around on the block screen to force the app to save and update.

Hi @jared

I have tried moving the blocks around and saving it. The issue is still there on Thunkable Live.
I tried building an apk and installing it on my phone. Still same issue.
It only seems to be working fine on the Web Preview.

Please help to fix this soon.


… and I thought that topic starter should check the topic resolved or not… Found it resolved and it isn’t.
I have latest Thunkable Live, I hard refreshed browser… I made modifications to my blocks to force cloud update… Issue still there. If someone else having this issue notices that is solved, please tell.
Thank you,
P.S. even a new label centered aligned, has the same “left aligned” behavior. This way proves that is not a “cloud refresh issue”.

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Yeah, the issue is still there.

Hi all

Seems like I was being preemptive yesterday. We released this update this morning and not last night.

Can you all pls try again? :slight_smile:


Just saw the update to the companion app, and at least on it, the labels worked. But I’m currently building an APK to try it out.

Just downloaded the APK, and seems to be working now. Thank you! It took a week, but we’re finally good to go again. Have a great weekend. :slight_smile:


Working. Thank you.