App layout not displaying correctly with live testing

Hey! From the past few days, I am facing problems with the live testing feature. :fearful: Even though the code is right. I thought that It was only me, but when I found out a lot of my friends are facing the same problem I decided this is the best way to share it. Please fix it as soon as possible.

Hi @tvishayogishatv0cw

What do you mean by “not working”? Is there an issue showing your design? Is the functionality not as you expected? or is it something else?

We’ve made serveral updated to the live companion recently - if you update your app is this still happening for you?

It is not working with some particular features like the design looks very bad on the live test but if we download it looks great. the buttons does not work sometimes and the animation does not load at all… even with the sprite lab it takes hours to load even if I have a strong internet connection

@tvishayogishatv0cw mind sharing some screenshots?

While not ideal, if the app looks great when it’s installed that’s the main thing since this is how your end-users will experience your app.

Yes, you are right but i almost freak out when the design looks so bad…and after all I cant always download to see if the design is right

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing at the moment please @tvishayogishatv0cw?