[Resolved] issues with Labels live testing (may 2022)

So I have tried 2 separate projects and when I try and use a label I get the error message on my phone in live testing. Attached is the screen shot from my phone and the others are the blocks being used. I doubt its my blocks LOL. Anyone have any ideas?
EDIT - It seems to only be related to the text. I can change the color and other things just not the text.

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I tried replicating your project and I get it working fine without crashing.

The project might be corrupted or you have something else in the project causing the crash.

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Hotdog I figured it out. I didn’t realize there was an update on live that came out yesterday and that seemed to be the issue. It was odd because it was a brand new project and it only had a button and a label. Thank you for the feedback!

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