Consistent Blocks Error with Live Testing


many of my app pages have stopped working on the live testing on my phone. They work properly when I use the preview button on the computer, but when I live test on any phone (I have tried multiple) I get the error “something has gone wrong. check your blocks and reset this page.” . I have tried all the troubleshooting I can think of and spent nearly 8 hours today reprogramming most of my app and no luck. Please help!

Hi @imogenlawford1234 - happy to help. Can you please DM me with your project link so we can investigate further? I’ll follow up with more questions based on what we see!

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Hi Cassandra,

The pages that had stopped working in my app (that I completely recoded yesterday) all just started working again. They were giving me errors for about 4 days and have now seemed to reset somehow. I didn’t change anything and I’m not sure why they stopped working in the first place. I guess I don’t need help anymore but thank you for offering. For future, do you know why this may have happened, or if it was a glitch with thunkable’s software or something on my end?

Hi again,

Almost just after I typed this message the screen stopped working again. I will send a link. It doesn’t even seem to be the project blocks, even when I take them all out the screen will still not work.

I have detached the screen from the rest of my project as I am building it for a company and it the idea has a patent pending. The blocks show errors only cause they are disconnected from the rest of the project, but I have tried deleting them all and the screen still shows errors.

If you cannot find the issue from this project with the screen separated, I will share the whole project because I am very desperate. Just reluctant to do so unless it is necessary.


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Hi @imogenlawford1234 - while we look into isolating what might be causing your project to crash on the Live App, I suggest you use our “Publish as a Web App” functionality for your project testing needs. This works just as well, and you can see live changes on the web app as well.

I hope that helps!

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I have the exact same problem, just signed up a couple of days ago. Every app I created keep crashing despite removing all the blocks! very annoying…

I think the problem is that your Drawer Navigator doesn’t have any screens assigned to it. Try dragging screens onto the Drawer Navigator in the component tree:


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