Live Test app not working

Live Test app closes and gives “Thunkable has stopped” error. I am able to load and display the home page of my app, but when anything is selected, i get the error.

Any suggestions?

I was also facing this same problem. . .But now it is solved :wink:
Just go to your phone Settings and clear the data & Cache of the Live test app !!
and make sure that you are using the latest version of live testing app.

Ct tricks

  1. you have used any extension
  2. check all blocks
  3. use latest thunkable campaign
  4. if above 3 points not soved your problem. close your browser thunkable builder - restart computer - clear cache of app - reinstall app it will work for becouse i have also faced similar problem yesterday.

if this solve your problem mark as solution :white_check_mark:

No extensions
my blocks are simple “button to open a new screen”
cleared cache
uninstalled and reinstalled app

Still not working… Hmmm any other suggestions

show blocks please
may be blocks arranged wrong

Download it from here.
Hope this will help you out !!

Akshay_gadekar here is the block from my home page

cttricks- i thought the classic live wont work with “x”?

Here is a screen cast of my life test app failing. It auto loads to one of my designed apps, when the initial button is pressed, it does not navigate to the next page, instead it closes the app. Even when i attempt to “shake the phone” to navigate the live test back to my menu of apps, it just closes. I have gone through all the trouble shooting listed above. above is the block for the button that is recorded as being pressed.

Am i the only one having this problem? I am very excited about Thunkable X, but this is extremely frustrating.

Tips? Suggestions?

Thunkable Screen Cast

well i removed the button on my first screen, and designed it as a splash screen. So far everything is working now.

I also have the same problem. By removing the button to switch from one screen to another, it’s back to work, but only for once.

Now it’s work !!!