Something wrong with thunkable live as of 24/11/2022

I’ve just published an app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store a week ago, and the app is working fine.

I went to the app on thunkable today to change some minor comments, and found the following:
1- Some orientations on the page changed by themselves.
2- DVG click bugs as I would have to click multiple times in order for one click to work.
3- location sensor returning error “undefined” most of the time and working rarely.

And that’s just 10 minutes into checking what changed as of today. Perhaps a new build is being pushed or something? I also checked my Backup app which is a copy of the original app, and noticed the exact same issues.

P.s. my published apps were not affected (thankfully).

Update: I’ve tried clearing the data from thunkable live app, and checking if there was an update in google play store but nothing.

I found more bugs:
1- PNG Images with clear corners are now showing white where it should be transparent.

Hi @diaa.t.tamimi7if

Can you share if you are on Drag and Drop or Snap to Place?

We will look into these.

Hi @diaa.t.tamimi7if - turns out there was some upstream instability last night that should be resolved now. Can you log on and try again?


Having same issue. I can add:

-. Data viewer grid with incorrect format (Squares pics instead of circles and not centered)
-. Botton navigator icons not responsives (only text below the page icons)
-. General formatting issues with rows and columns.

Understand that is going to be solved, just adding more checking points.

Hi @josepandare02t and @diaa.t.tamimi7if - thank you both for reporting these. We will definitely investigate further.

Can you please share a link to your project, either here or in my DM? Any accompanying screen recordings or screenshots of the issues that you see would help us resolve it faster.

Please see below some screenshots:

As requested, my project link was sent in DM. Please refer to the below screenshots:

How the app is supposed to look:

How the app looks now in thunkable live:

Also if you navigate to maps > New (page called mapassign1)
you’ll see that there’s an error in obtaining location which closes the page (as per the business logic), but there shouldn’t be an error. if I try to show the error block it returns “undefined”

I am having similar issues. All of my dataviewer lists and grids have formatting issues, with strange layouts and incorrect picture sizing etc.

Hi, i’m experiencing similar issues, literally can’t work on Thunkable.

Data lists are showing weird (i created a post about it) but now also other views are not showing correctly.

Also the Bottom Tab Navigator really struggle to work.

All these features always worked 100%.
My projects link is this one

I really, really need it to be back 100% soon.

Sorry for the issue you are facing. If you download the app, did you see the same issue?


The issue remains when reinstalling the app. It appears only to be an adroid issue, ios working fine.

Can you download the apk/aab and install it on your phone? Does the issue exist on the downloaded app?


I’m only on the free version, so can’t answer that, unfortunately.

I have the Pro version but cannot activate the live testing. Clicking on the Live link has no effect. Code is generated from mobile app, but nothing happens from Thunkable.

Only in the live app for me, all works fine when downloaded.


We do have an engineer currently working on a fix for this. Depending on what is needed, we should have this remedied soon.

Hang tight, everyone!


Hello, we are reverting our recent changes and will send a new version out tomorrow morning pst.

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Thanks. That did the trick