Images and labels not working in live testing

Hi Thunkable,

I am creating an app for a project in school but for some of the screens like " Fresh Fruit Tea" and " Fresh Fruit Smoothies with Mousee’ when I live test, They don’t work. The pictures shrink and some of the labels disappear. I don’t know what to do.

Please help me as this is due soon!

we can’t access that link. go back to your project and click share, then generate link, then save the link and paste it here. that will link to a working copy of your project.


Here it is, sorry for the inconvenience!

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pardon me for my post. i’m withdrawing it. i just realized that you were referring to the labels disappearing and images shrinking, when you select the screen from the drawer. i’m not qualified to answer that. i don’t know the answer.

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oh it’s okay then

For future reference please do not make the Post Name your link address. :slight_smile:


@samclever agreed - I’ve updated to topic title to be more descriptive.

Just FYI @joanne.tranxdz you can use the edit button to do this manually in the future.

I’ve taken a quick look at your app and I can’t open the screens in question.

Your drawer navigator doesn’t seem to be properly set up? Is it only usable on one screen?

Please look into Background Picture Resize Mode for your images.

I changed to “contain” in the Contact window, and it helps a lot

In the Fruit Sparkling screen it is called Resize Mode, but it is basically the same - contain is your friend.

However in your menu, you should assign a size to your images. try absolute height = 100 and no width requirements…


The Drawer Navigator is activated by tap then dragging a button which is located in the top left corner. It works for me and it seems to be set up on every screen in menu?

Thank you for the tip!