How do I create a card view in Thunkable

The problem lies in the fact that at the moment, lists are too plain and dont look appealing. As you can see here, this is what I am doing:

I basically have 10 columns, and from an api i pull the needed data from it. So i must define items 1 to 10. if this was a list i could do i in number (variable here set to 0) and at the end of the code add 1 to variable to set next piece of data, but lists currently do not support photos. So i must set each specific label etc. but this would not be an issue if there was no lag. i believe it is a compiling error because thunkable uses some third party software which has limits. I just would really hope that they prioritise something like this so users can build even bigger apps. And yes i know what i am doing is inefficient but I don’t have any other good options :stuck_out_tongue:

If the extended list viewer brings photos, i will definitely be using that. But i dont see it being released for another 2 weeks. there are more stuff that will come before it.

But what i am doing would not be an issue, if there was no lag!!!

My around this issue now which isn’t the way i wanted it to be but it works. Wordpress rest api allows you to select the amount of posts and which page so i can just add a select page button and it will load the next 10 posts. And so on.

I suggest your “card” be white colour and add black shadow behind the “card”,cause this is so classic design :wink:

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So make the entire background blue? thanks for the design tips. anything else you would change?

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No,don’t let the colour become your important character,sometimes simple modern design is good enough.:slight_smile:

So just white on white? I want to keep the blue menu at the top though…

What about something like this:

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Just the menu blue, if you add colour on your BackGround, it will become classic design :slight_smile:

Make the column set white not transparent, and set it’s shadow to be black colour

When you say classic do you mean its very common?

And does that design look good though?


I believe it is white, but shadows don’t seem to work :stuck_out_tongue:

For my studio app, example of this, simple but modern design


ah okay I understand. Looks good. how would i do this?

I always let the shadow be my main character, cause it is very useful when you are doing modern design of the App.

I like it! Thank you!!

I found it excellent how you configured the cards in the notification(blue with bold). I send notification however in the simplest possible way. Can you tell me how you did ? Thank you very much.

How does this look :smiley:

I think it looks much cleaner. Any way I could make the shadow stand out more near the top and the corners?

Otherwise I really like your design techniques!! Fantastic!


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Hi there,
Thx for interest of my design,what you’re looking for?..thanks.