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I have some thoughts of your “Starter” -package, to start with at least, as I think PRO is a bit expensive when you need to count in the apple develop account etc also…
What would you say is the best benefit by use that package instead of free? I can not see why I would pay for what’s listed. IF that package wouldn’t include some possibility to:

  1. build more then 1 app at a time on iPhone. this is a really downside with thunkable. at least the free version. I would like to be able to test and try my apps out for a longer time before gett them out the next step. or let other people try it…
  2. remove that logo from the start-splash screen.

I guess these are not any features that are available in this start package? otherwise I guess I would have read about it? But still I can’t see anywhere that these are NOT available in there…?

What package do I need at least to get rid of that logo and to be able to download and install more than 1 app a time on my iPhone for test for a longer time? And, why would I pay for starter package, really?

Thanks for any ideas…


Thanks super-coder. I’ve seen this but I don’t understand it fully… :woozy_face::blush:

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This is a Apple restriction Thunkable can’t do anything about it.

A Pro subscription


Thanks for this! I apologise if I sound greedy :slight_smile:
I’m thinking of getting the pro subscription later but I feel it’s a bit expensive so I had a look at this starter package instead. But I’m not sure why I would. And if it’s like you say, that the one-app-download is an apple-restriction and the logo is for pro, then I believe I’ll stay with free package until an upgrade to pro feels right in time.



I agree the only reason i’m willing to buy pro is to Publish.
But it’s vway too expensive.


If it helps, the downloaded apps can be installed on top of each other. It’s not a limit of only one app ever. If you download project A and test it and then download project B immediately after that, only B will be available on your phone but then you can download A again, etc. That way, you can test many apps in a single day – for example – but only one can be on your phone at a time.


Thanks, yes I’m aware of that. This is how I work today but I want to get a feeling of daily use in my apps so even though this is how I do today I can’t stop think that to have the apps available all the time during the days would be awesome! But I get it, nothing we can do about it… except for TestFlight I guess?


Yes, TestFlight or publish as a Web App. Web Apps have some limited functionality such as camera use and some APIs but they work for ~90% of the functionality and are a fast way to test changes to a project.


it costs Rs.1500 I don’t have :moneybag: as Thunkable wants :money_mouth_face:

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I’ve never used web apps. I’ll check that out…
Maybe I could just save a link on home screen I’m my iPhone and that could work kind of the app would after download…? I’ll check… thanks for all tips and feedback

Nope…that didn’t work :man_facepalming:t3::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To publish the app I need pro right? I can’t publish with free version Thunkable…?

Publishing requires a Pro subscription.