Thunkable Pro / Premium Pro

Will new users ever get the option to have a trial to use Thunkable Pro/ Premium Pro for a few days or something as such?

-The reason I want this is because new users can get a feel for Thunkable pro/Premium pro and if they like it then they can buy it later after their trial ends (etc)

-Another thing is that new users if they’d want to get thunkable pro/premium pro they’d have to be going off of a “Document/Text” that is based on what the thunkable pro/premium pro has to offer, but users don’t get the option to “test” it before they buy it

-Lastly, you can make the argument that the users can search up a video on youtube for Thunkable Pro/Premium pro videos and or “testing” an app that was built by other Thunkable Pro/Premium pro members that have the features testable, but again, back to my first point, people should get an experience (“feel”) for the features they would be getting for getting the thunkable pro/premium pro subscriptions.

Thank you for taking your time reading this and considering the thought! :smiley:
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If for the first time they give you the option to be a professional for 1 month
when i first used it allowed me to be pro, now i don’t know if thunkable lets you do that

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I’m curious which features you would want to try from Thunkable Pro? The primary difference is related to additional publishing options. If you give users the ability to publish for free, many people are going to just publish the one app they wanted to build and then not continue paying for Pro.

The company has to make money. Having a free option allows people to try out almost the entire functionality of Thunkable, and that option already exists.