Can u give thunkable pro for a trial

can u give thunkable pro for a trial because before buying i want to try it

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Pay for 1 month

Everything is available in the free version apart from ads, web apps and more space for your apps. Another one feature that I use the PRO for is making projects PRIVATE.

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thats not what he asked


@eko.devs.apploroceo, he asked to use the PRO to try. Try what exactly?

Do you see a feature in Thunkable that is not active apart from web apps?

You will not see anything different if you are a PRO member. Same development UI with same components.

There is a one month payment plan which you can pay and do not renew if you don’t like it.

i want to try like that personal branding

It would be unethical for you to get a 1 month trial when everyone else has to, and has had to, pay for it.

The “Personal Branding” just means that instead of the Thunkable Logo appearing at the start of the project

you can have a custom picture

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that is what I need also the unlimited project for my coding class

So you can pay for it then, like every other Pro user.

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As others have suggested, Thunkable already offers a “trial” version which is the regular version of Thunkable. If you need the features offered in Pro, then you’ll need to pay for it. For a company to stay in business, they need revenue. If they give away a free version and then start giving away a free trial of their Pro version, they will lose money and go out of business.


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