Thunkable for Android Release (Sep 6) - FAB, Push Notifications and much more



I tried with my brother’s phone (Android 6.0) and it worked, I guess it’s something with Android 4.4.2



Please consider in upcoming releases the issue of FAB for Screen orientation changed, it seems that it does not appear… :frowning:
In his FAB @Sander0542 has a FAB.Create block that could be a similar solution…
If you need an example aia plz let me know.

In general wow great work Dev Team :+1: :+1: :+1:


Sorry for the trouble. We fixed these issues with our latest release.

@Carlos_Pedroza Please let me know if it is still giving you problems on Android 4.4.2.
@Mr_Blackd You should be able to use your FAB in all screen orientations now, so please let me know if this works for you.


@arun: Hi mate, I have done a quick check and I have to say that the FAB is having issues since last night…

More specifically :

  • there is still the issue of FAB not showing on event Screen orientation changed

  • it seems now that the option to add a FAB but keep it hidden is not working…

I tried to hide it by un-ticking Visible in FAB’s properties on designer & also by initializing the screen with block Set.FAB.Visible to False.

The FAB still appears in both cases!!!

I guess that the latest release has something to do with it since FAB misbehavior has only begun 10 to 12 hrs ago. Please take a look on this when possible…

I forgot to mention that the problem does not appear while on companion but on the installed apk …


Is there a component that needs to be added to you app for push notifications? I’ve gone through the process of setting up my account adding my app but I don’t see and changes happening. Thanks.


La verdad no creo que fuera inspiración de personal de thunkable, mas bien otra cosa


Hi @Andres_Cotes, it was inspired by you, @pavi2410, and @Sander0542 (awesome FAB extensions as we mentioned). Thanks again for creating the extensions and hope there is no confusion about that you guys are our inspiration.


The second point makes sense and we are on it. Can you send me an aia and explain to me how to reproduce the first issue (“there is still the issue of FAB not showing on event Screen orientation changed”)



Glad to hear about it since this is a critical issue I think…
Just wanted to point out again that the problem of FAB not being hidden (for me at least) appears on created apks BUT not when using the companion !!!

I am currently in the office and I can’t send you a test aia, BUT I promise to create it ASAP and send it…

Finally, I have noticed that there is another issue with FABs. If you set Screen StatusBar visible to false then FABs stop floating untill you set Screen StatusBar visible to true
(Although this is easy to reproduce, I will also include it in the test aia that I am going to send you so that you can check it also)



As promised here is the test files…

FAB_Issues.aia (2.0 KB)
FAB_Issues.apk (2.3 MB)

The issues…

  • Checkbox1 toggles StatusBar, check it to hide it and click in the Textbox. You will see that FAB stops floating until you uncheck and show Statusbar again… (this is minor for me at least, I can live with it…)

  • Checkbox2 toggles FAB Visible property to True / False. Checking it should hide the FAB. In companion this works properly, but when it comes to apk then it is not working.

Thanks in advance for checking this out…

P.S. I confirm that the issue for the screen orientation previously reported is not existing anymore now that I have checked again… (my bad sorry)


The app doesn’t compile when you have one or more mini sized FABs in a project.


@arun Fab size still isn’t working…


Neither is the issue regarding the Visible property when compiling the apk… :cry: :sob:

But I believe that if any progress is made then there will be some announcement. :star_struck:
I think that stressing out the same issue again is pointless. :roll_eyes:
The dev team is already aware of them and is doing its best (I hope… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


And it crashes projects too. Making me consider using the Fab extension instead.


@tysonseable we are seeing that issue with the minis and are working on it. Thanks for telling us

@Mr_Blackd we have been able to resolve the visible property and will update it in the next release


@arun thanks for the fix on my side.
when is the next release scheduled?
is it after all reported issues are being resolved?

additionally there is this:

in my opinion the 1st bullet is of high priority, since if it is fixed then there is the possibility to create dark and light themed apps in Thunkable (along with using Android Theme extension of course)

currently, in a dark theme the spinner’s text is lost or hard to see, so we are practically compelled to do light themed apps, especially if we have spinners in them (which for me happens a lot in some cases)

plz consider the above since I believe will enhance Thunkable for all (given the fact that life exists also beyond app development and other things have to be done also)



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According to my observation. Thunkable Team has been transparent since beginning. As promised by the Staff they hired and new engineer and i could see there is a good progress in the development and new feature releases in Android Platform, besides The-Thunkable System is so popular these days and it is on-demand which allows AI-Legacy Platform imports unlikely than other builders also Thunkable team will always respond to show-stopper issues and the priority is set accordingly to its critically. We should appreciate the for all the great work of the team indeed.



Where was my point different than yours???
I think that my post on which you replied was on the same logic and I just pointed out some observations to consider, just to make the platform better…

I also asked when to expect the next release, I did not criticize anyone or blame anyone for not being transparent or lazy or whatever…, why should I do so? Thunkable team’s existence is crucial for the existence of the platform…
At the end of the day we should be thankful.

I chose the words in the post very carefully so as not to offend anyone. To the same logic was the post that you split to a separate thread…
I think that all my posts in the community are showing respect to all members and try to promote community goals.

You must have replied to a wrong post, no??


Yes you are correct. That was not for anyone. It was just my observation as mentioned above*