Thunkable for Android Release (Sep 6) - FAB, Push Notifications and much more

Hey Thunkers!

Today, thanks to our team of developers @tingc @arun @wei, our awesome community and the team from MIT App Inventor, we are very excited to present one of our biggest releases on Thunkable for Android to date:

  • Floating Action Button, or FAB / docs. We preloaded it with the Material Icon font so you just need to choose which icon and background color you want to use. Animation built in when switching between FABs. A big thanks to @pavi2410, @Sander0542 and @Andres_Cotes for their awesome FAB extensions that were our inspiration for this component

  • Push Notifications by One Signal / docs. Try it on in the Experimental section of the palette.

  • A new default app icon designed by @yuexi2009
  • Support for Dutch and improved Chinese thanks to the team at MIT App Inventor
  • Bug fix for the Microsoft Emotion and Image Recognizer component - it works again!

Release notes can now be found in our docs here

Happy thunking,
Albert on behalf of the Thunkables


Thank you very much for your hard work!
FAB please add icon size option.when the button size is default,the icon size is a little small now.

Thanks for the great update Thunkable team! I eill try them out soon

@tingc Please take a look at it :slight_smile:

Great! I would just like to ask where is FAB from? Official support library? Non-official library? Or you just made a fab with ShapeDrawable & made it floating?

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Hi @MiuMiu, thanks for your feedback! The icon size is actually set according to the materiel design standard. You can check out here If you have specific use case, please let us know! That would help us to improve.

Hi @ILoveThunkable, it is not from the official support library. We did it in our way and awesome FAB extensions were our inspiration.

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Is anyone experiencing problems with the FAB? Currently when I drag the component in to the designer my companion doesn’t show the FAB nor the Images I uploaded to use as buttons. As soon as I remove the FAB component everything goes back to normal…I’ll try upload a screen but there’s not much to see lol.
the only thing I could think of is that the FAB component has troubles to work with the many different layout arrangements that I’m using to give the impression of multiple screens toggling the visibility true/false.

Any ideas? :confused:

Are you sure that you have the newest version of thunkable live (currently 3.22)?

Yes he does, if he wouldn’t there there would be error class not found.

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Currently Building Templates for new apps and the Fab works just fine. Device: Motorola Droid Turbo , Android 6.01

just check the Play Store to see if you are using the current version of the companion. there is no harm in checking. also make sure you restart your project as well as the companion. if you have done all this, you should be good to go.

@wei @arun @amrita @albert The Fab is cool but i noticed a slight Fall back which would be good to take a look at ASAP! when you add a fab to the interface, it automatically creates it and makes it visible But my suggestion is, it will be good to make it invisible and add an option for users to Create it themselves either after screen initializes or after splash screen event.

The Problem i am facing is whiles trying to make a Splash Screen in my Templates, the fab is created when screen initializes and even setting it to Visible=false when screen.initializes still doesn’t work. it shows itself slowly disappearing on the Splash screen which makes it looks awkward

Can anyone test FAB Button size block? Its not accept text block only number block when i try do it its not work.ı m wrong?

Hello! The FAB component is not working for me :frowning: It doesn’t work in this example or if I add it to another project. When using Thunkable Companion it seems like the app isn’t loading and when exporting the button doesn’t appear at all. I have Android 4.4.2

How does push notifications come out of beta?

build your app in beta download as aia and open it using thunkable

If you set Visible=false in screen.initialize you will see the animation, since that is the default animation for making the FAB invisible. But if you want to set the FAB to be not visible on startup, then just uncheck the “Visible” property in the designer and it should not start with the animation

It only accepts a number block because it is looking for a number like this:

Yes but when i use do it its not change fab size

Thank you boss. problem fixed. i added some few options to your suggestion; i set predefined icon color and icon background color to none and then defined them in the block editor after SplashScreen event. Working fine now. Thank you

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