New features - quick explainer?


I’m very intrigued in two new features I’ve seen, but would like some more technical information about them (as opposed to blurb from the main website).

  1. Export to console (FYI I know what the browser console is and what it does), what I am interested in, is why we can now get this and where else to use it? Is it to do with #2?
  2. My Modules, I tried to create one, but it does not seem to be functional aside from the pop-up box. What is it for, will I be able to add stuff like this:
    import android.os.Bundle;
    import android.content.Intent;


Thank you :blush:

N.B. I am not sure, but it is possible one or both of these features are pro only, so apologies if this is confusing for any free users.


May I ask you to provide the links to those features in Thunkable website or more precisely in Thunkable documentation?

I do not recall seeing such features.

Were they supposed to be a secret…?

Go to there’s a new tab (for me) for ‘My Modules’.

Most Components (again, for me) seem to have an extra icon next to the name:

Apologies to Thunkable if this was not the place to ask about these features, if a power thunker hasn’t seen them then perhaps there are in Alpha or Beta!? :grimacing: :speak_no_evil:


Do not worry. You’re not exposing a secret. Thunkable developers are involved in many features and it will not be appropriate to have all features tested by the same group.



@muneer Thanks!

If anyone knows what they might be for, please let me know. Thank you.

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What happens when you click that!

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@jared, If you mean the console, it puts a JSON version of the component into the browser’s console like this:

{"type":"Label","properties":{"Text":"-","FontSize":200,"CustomFont":"","Color":"rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)","TextAlign":"center","Height":"Fit contents","Width":"Fill container","Visible":false,"style":{"color":"rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)","fontSize":200,"fontStyle":"normal","letterSpacing":0,"textDecorationLine":"none","textDecorationStyle":"solid","textDecorationColor":"rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)","writingDirection":"auto","marginTop":0,"marginBottom":0,"marginLeft":0,"marginRight":0,"paddingTop":0,"paddingBottom":0,"paddingLeft":0,"paddingRight":0,"flexWrap":"wrap","borderWidth":0,"borderRadius":0,"borderColor":"rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)","borderStyle":"solid","shadowOpacity":0,"scaledShadowOpacity":0,"shadowRadius":0,"shadowOffset":{"width":0,"height":0},"flex":0,"display":"none","textAlign":"center","alignSelf":"stretch"},"children":"-"},"children":[]}

I assume it is for creating custom modules, or re-usable components, or somehow exporting data, (though at the moment there is of course no way to re-import it). This is why I posed the question in the OP, it looks very interesting! :sunglasses:


I don’t believe that’s supposed to be visible. Looks like something that should’ve been hidden except for engineers to be able to have access to to check certain things. You’re not doing anything wrong but I don’t expect it to stay there forever.


This was not supposed to be showing. Thank you for pointing it out. You shouldn’t see it anymore soon.

We apologize for the confusion here, that is tool used by the engineers during testing. It appears you’re a beta tester and we’re lumped into the internal beta instead of external for some reason. (Probably an overnight by me when I was coming on the team).

In any case, that shouldn’t happen anymore and thank you again for reporting this.