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Hello, I am new to thunkable and I would like to know how to make a floating action button in thunkable since this option is no longer available in the new interface, if someone could help me I would appreciate it.

a greeting.

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Can you give an example of this? Maybe a screenshot or link to a post about the old interface?

The problem is that I don’t know how to make the floating action button if there is a way to do it since thunkable no longer has this option available in the FAB from what I was looking at.

I don’t know what a floating action button is. I was hoping to understand better so I could help you.

I mean this:

Thanks. Based on this topic, @jared might have some ideas:

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In the new interface (DnD), just add the button in the place you want it.

Example, If you have a scrolling text box, you can place the button anywhere over the text box and you will be able to scroll the text box and in the same time click the button.

Excuse me but I don’t understand, I want it to be as it is in the screenshot.

Could you pass some similar example to be able to what it refers to?

Thank you.

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thanks for the example, but the FAB button when touching does not display the other buttons, which is what I am looking for as the screenshot.

Try this quick demo

When you click on the button it will toggle the other buttons show/hide status.

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This is the problem with giving the bare minimum description in your posts. It’s hard to know exactly what you want. Hopefully, @muneer’s demo will be what you’re looking for.

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Thank you very much for the help, I thought it was much more complicated.

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Thank you very much for trying to help, I explained it to you and even gave you a screenshot.

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