I'm new here and have a few questions

How do I move a button up or down on the app I am creating? Not as in touching it and it moving, but right now it is in the middle of the screen and I am trying to move it.

Also, with that button, how can I link it to another page? Thanks in advance.

Check documentation page: https://docs.thunkable.com/

Hi @Mike_K welcome to the Thunkable community!

Check out our tutorial on positioning components on YouTube

It’s not as easy as Drag and Drop but once you create some section you will see how easy it is. There is also a link parm on the right side of your screen.

Also, if you have a button named btnFun, that needs to go to screen named scrFWGame, then use the following blocks to navigate to that screen.


Forgot the image. Sorry!

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