Login with the latest thunkable

Hello All,
Please could anyone direct me to a tutorial on the following:

  1. Login form with the latest Thunkable version

  2. Linking pictures to other pages

  3. How to add video background image in Thunkable

  4. How to share your page on social media

  5. How to create a floating action menu in the latest version, I have seen a tutorial online, but I cannot find the floating action button in the latest tutorial.

Thank you for your help

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HI @evelyn - hope you’re keeping well!

I know a lot of these questions were followed up via email, but just in case anyone is reading this in the future, I thought I’d attach a few links;

@jane’s post has everything you need to know:

You can change the background image of a button, because at the moment the image component does not have an onClick event handler.

In this case I’d advise using maybe an animate GIF, as I don’t think movie files are supported.

The share component is probably the best bet for this.

@albert has a nice example here:

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Thanks @domhnallohanlon!