Invalid API key

respected sir,i wanted a login function,hence i did copy the project from “thunkabe projects” and tried to remix,thus on testing i get error such as api key invalid.
please do let me know where i should do corrections.any help would be much appereciated.

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Hey :wave: @immanuelkp29794, thanks for posting your question.

You’ll need to get an api key from firebase. Follow this tutorial



I am trying to add a sign-in screen in my app as well but it keeps coming up with API key code invalid.

Please help!!! :grinning:

hello, do try this link, it consists of steps to get a sign in screen done using firebase by @jane

make sure you have copied the “API key” and “database URL” details in your thunkable sign in page.
This way, it worked for me :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

It works for me now :grinning: