API Key Invalid


I am trying to make an app the requires the user to make an account and sign in. I have followed a tutorial.


This was helpful until I tested my app. When I tried to sign up with my email an error code popped up on the screen(I put an error checker in it). I made a new email and tried to sign up again, but had the same results. I( followed every step on the tutorial and retraced all my steps to make sure it was all good. I still had the same error screen.

Here is a picture of the sign-up code.

Here is a picture of the log-in code.

Here is a picture of the error.

Note: In the image, I did not type anything for the sake of security, but it pops up whenever I type an email.

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Go to Design page, Click on Firebase component that you added under invisible components, change its properties like API key etc on right side of screen.

Have a look on the GRAM app from Thunkable and compare it to your code. I think you will find the bug… I have make it the same way like gram and it work for me the sign up and sign in with firebase :slight_smile:

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