Thunkable for Android Release (Sep 6) - FAB, Push Notifications and much more



You are right and I think they have done a good job in ensuring stability of servers, components etc. They are on top of issues in the platform and are very quick to reply and respond. I want to believe we may even see more in coming months. I certainly feel safe using Thunkable any day anytime!


We released earlier today and should have resolved the FAB issues.
Announcement here:


@arun, @albert

Guys thanks for the effort to fix the issues (to all the staff) and also for the new features that are added to checkboxes and to textboxes… Amazing work…

However the issues in the Visible property of FABs still exist. I am attaching an aia as well as an apk for your reference…

It seems that FABs stop being hidden after a few times the property is changed even in the companion
previously problems existed only in the apk

Sometimes after going to another screen the visible property is working again but other times not…

I think that when the team made changes for the visibility of FABs in landscape then the problem started… (although I might be mistaken)

IF this is the case then I do not have any objection in loosing FABs on landscape in order to have a working visible property in portrait…
(at least until the issues are being fully resolved…)

However this is my personal opinion, maybe we should have a poll on that???

I hope that you will find a solution easily and soon…

Here are the attachments…
FAB_Issues.aia (3.8 KB)
FAB_Issues.apk (2.3 MB)

FAB errors . Fatal errors
IMPORTANT Latest Android Release - Beta Features Graduating + Beta Platform Retiring (Oct 16)

These issues should all be resolved now.



Has the FAB button size option been removed?


Still there for me… :rofl:


Hey @albert Thanks for putting a lot of hard work…
Please fix the issue …the videos are not streamed in full screen in the web viewer.
IDK what’s the reason…Please take a look cuz others are also facing the same issue since Feb 2017


Is the sizing option available in the blocks editor?


The option is only in the designer because it should only be one of a few set sizes, as per Google’s design guidelines. Thus you can pick the size in the designer.



The FAB Button keeps disappearing when the Screen Orientation is set to User and I rotate the device.


I was never able to reproduce that (I just tried again).
Can you send me an aia where this is happening or send me a short video showing this error?
Also, can you tell me what version of Android you are using? And is it only happening on “User” or on other orientation settings as well?


On both 4.4.4 and 6.0.1 it did the same.
I thought it was a bug only on the Companion, but it doesn’t work even if I export it.
Here’s an example:

And after this the FAB never shows up again until I restart the Companion.
It doesn’t work with the Orientation set to “Sensor” or “User”.


Got it. Thanks for that. I was able to reproduce it now on some devices.
I’ve logged it as an issue and we’ll try to see if we can fix it.



@Alexandru, I believe we have fixed this issue. Can you check if it is working for you?


Yes, it’s fixed. Thank you so much.
And thank you for adding the Keep Screen On option :slightly_smiling_face:


Great. Thanks for confirming.

Happy Thunking!