Sound component not working

Is the sound component in the not drag and drop builder changed how the blocks function? The blocks are not reliable and it won’t play all my mp3s and wav files. Documentation seems to only be for drag and drop builder. Any confirmation?

I reported similar problems here: Volume unable to be changed or controlled at all

1 Like We have a ticket in currently for this issue with the sound component in snap to place builds.


Ok what worked for me is add an underscore to your file name before uploading it (weird, I know)

For example if your mp3 or whatever is called favoritesong.mp3 change it to favorite_song.mp3 and then upload it.

Works every time for me.

Good luck let us know

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i am using old design. when i try live test, it worked on android but not in ios.

@conroy can you confirm this is an issue?

-I have an audio file playing and on continues loop through a function, this is also possible through the sound component “then do”.
-When the user navigates to a new screen where I want a different audio playing. I stop the current sound with the Call Stop. It stops.
-Then couple seconds later it plays again. As if it stopped the current audio from playing but did not stop the loop.

At the moment I can’t loop any sound. Thank you.

@overshield Thank you so much!!! My app has sound thanks your helpful tip!

Is there somewhere we can see a list of existing known bugs/tickets?

1 Like Could you share a Project URL with this happening?

@tatiang Not yet. I’m in the planning stages now for working on external and internal ticketing system(s). We need something that is more transparent for you all to submit bugs/feature requests, see where things stand, timelines, etc. that is for sure.