Sound not working

Hi everyone,
I’m a beginner to thunkable and using the sound components. I am making an app in which I’d like a song to play when the user presses a certain button. When I test my app, pressing the button doesn’t play any sounds. I have been testing using iOS if that matters. I have attached the blocks I currently have below.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey @gcbarnes23p04t welcome to the community :wave:

It might - depending on the file-type but I can see in your helpful screenshot that the sound is .mp3 so you should be grand.

The first thing I’d do is get rid of the # symbol in your track name as this might be causing the issue.

The other thing to do is to install the app on your device, just in case the issue was with the testing app.

Hope that helps

but there’s no # in my sound, but it isn’t playing it

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