Published on iOS but no sound. HELP!

Has anyone had experience of publishing an app onto iOS but the sound not working?

I didn’t test it with TestFlight as it’s a really simple app, but now I’m regretting it as I don’t want people not liking the app because it doesn’t do what it said it would. My bad.

Any advice? I’m feeling a little alone at this point.


I’ve re-loaded the content from Thunkable X and tested it in TestFlight, but still no sound.

I have used MP3 files which should be compatible with Apple, but they aren’t working as they should.

Any ideas?


Hi there.

There haven’t been in any other reports of Sound not working except when a user on iOS has their phone set to silent (there’s a switch on the top left side of the phone that controls this). Did the sound work during Live Testing?


Hi Albert,

The sound was working fine on all devices in the Live Test. I’ve tested the published app on iPhone and iPad and no sound on either. I’ve checked all settings, etc.


For two weeks now, I’m trying to figure out how sound works with Thunkable X :smiley:

Using live test on an iPad, when I click the button to play a sound, it only plays if it is a wav file.

If it’s an mp3, no sound. If it’s a wav, works perfect. Same button, same settings, same everything- but if I change the source to mp3, no sound. :frowning:

I don’t mind converting all my sounds to wave, but the file size is so much bigger.

Is there any reason why an mp3 isn’t playing but a wav is?

I’m desperate to know this as well! If you’ve found a workaround please let me know.


I never found a solution. And in fact, this lead me to the decision that Thunkable just isn’t a good option yet (I’m sure it will be awesome once it’s fully developed).

So, I went ahead and started learning how to program in the Swift Language using Xcode and it’s actually way easier than I thought it would be and also quite a lot of fun!

My first app is up on the app store :smiley:

Same problem on live test with a iphone, tried a android tablet in livetest and wav file works, also tried mp3, that works also.

Surprised they dont fix it, but keen on developing more advanced areas should as Bitblock etc


This happens to me after using the Speech Recognizer component