Sound not working on thunkable live on my ipad

Hi I’m new to thunkable and have been working on an app for kids to learn about climate change. The app has sound so kids know what to do but the sound wont work on my ipad. it works perfectly fine of thunkable live live test on my laptop just not on an ipad. I have also made other projects to test and it works there just not on this project. Heres the link first page should play sound

There was a known issue with sound playback on iOS devices that was just fixed.

Are you using the newest version of the Thunkable Live app?

Yes I updated it last week thinking that was the problem but it didn’t help. Thanks for your help!

I have version 266 of Thunkable Live on iphone SE (the old small one). I’m not getting sound for an app built with the snap to position/legacy interface.

Hoping sound works in built apps - guess I’ll need to build one!

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Hi @catsarisky and @aandkcodinga,

Could you both test out the sounds in this project on iOS for me?
You can either download the app to iOS or test it on the latest version of Thunkable Live (v266-4 as I’m writing).

Some larger sound files will take a moment to load, so I’ve used a loading icon here so that we can see if a sound is totally not responsive or if it’s just taking a while to load.

This project works as expected on my iPhone XR. I can play both sounds stored in the project, and sounds from URLs.

If you see an error message while testing, please let us know!

Thanks :loud_sound:

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This works fine, both the local files and URL sounds.

(Thunkable live, v266-4, iPhone SE - the old small one - and drat it Apple, WHY couldn’t you call your new SE phone something else?)

I’ve got an app that doesn’t seem to be working for sound on the iPhone, BUT I’m not sure if that’s a programming error - will dig into it a bit more.


I am glad that this project works!
Are you using particularly large sound files in your project? I tried to use a variety of lengths to catch issues related to file size.
Are you using local or online sound sources?

local. I’m not sure about sizes - will check.

@jane Curious if this could be related to the issue with video not playing when spaces are included in the filenames?

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I did get sound working in Thunkable Live, @jane . It may have been a coding error? The kids had the sound play block, but weren’t checking if it was loaded first. Oddly, that used to work OK (and still did on Android), but now it doesn’t, so I’ve added the change to playing when the source changes.

Problem fixed!


Hi it was related to the video problem thunkable doesn’t like spaces i removed the spaces and the sound works now thats for all your help!


I’m glad to hear it!

Using the play block without the on source loaded block will work if the sound manages to load on time - looks like it loads faster on Android than iOS.

Using the on source loaded block would be considered best practice, since sometimes the source file will take a little longer to load. Of course this relates to the size of the sound file and whatnot.

I’m glad your students can blast whatever sound they like in class now :grin:


We’re glad to hear it! I’ll make a note of the whitespace error in the docs, and ask the team to see if we can prevent the error in the first place.

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@tatiang looks like you were correct! Thanks for the suggestion, and I’ll see about getting this error resolved.