Sound Not playing on web and thunkable live app,It used to play

It used to play but it is not now.

When you post, make sure to include enough details for someone to understand what you’ve tried and what you’re seeing (or hearing).

What do your blocks look like?

There’s a known issue with iOS where the sound source selection block doesn’t work and returns an error. A fix will be coming soon according to Thunkable staff.


Hey @tatiang,Thanks for the advice. My blocks are the usual sound blocks and they used to work fine until I tested it yesterday.I think It is the sound selection block error.Thanks!

@sohan.s are you using iOS/Android/Web/All of the above?

Here’s the thread that @tatiang mentioned:

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Hey dom,I am using thunkable live on ipad and web.

Thanks @sohan.s - sounds like this is the same as the previously mentioned issue, right?

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Hey @domhnallohanlon ,it does sound like the previously mentioned issue,Thanks!