Issue with Sound Component

Anyone else have an issue with an mp3 not playing on Thunkable Live through the sound component?
It’s cross platform so I don’t have the “player.” It’s not the coding, as I had it working a few weeks ago but now it’s not working. I’ve tested multiple phones and it is only working on 1 which is odd. Someone from Thunkable said they would look into it, but it was 9 days ago and I’m getting impatient as this is the last piece of the app. Has anyone encountered this??

If you give me a link to mp3 that does not play, then I’ll take a look at my devices.

I’m having the same problems to all my Apps that relate to “sound” features. Among 10 times in live testing, I can only manage to test the sound for 2-3 times only. Perhaps, the team should assist to solve this problem. TIA

Hi Vincent, Sorry to hear you are having troubles as well- but happy to hear its not just me!
I have been trying to work with a thunkable team member but it’s pretty much that they don’t know why its not working for me. It worked three weeks ago and now does not, except for one iphone that keeps playing it. It’s bizarre and driving me nuts as this was the last part of the app before publishing. I’m basically waiting around for answers that aren’t coming. Good luck to you, hopefully this gets resolved ASAP.