Sound Component is not working Properly

Whenever I try to use the sound component for the first time during live test it works fine. However if I do the live test for the second time, the sound is echoing. Please let me know if anybody has any solution for it. I just want the sound component to play once

Try to put the sound block after an event, such as when button-pressed, Then have another event to stop it. In your app, you play the sound upon screen open. Then when you do it again, the screen open will start another instance of playing the sound. So you should build in a stop event to stop it. Alternatively, Can try using screen “start” instead of the screen “open”. “start” is activated once when the screen opens the first time, “open” is activated each time screen opens.

@gobassky I tried to use Start still the same issue.

Yes. I tried also. Maybe that the live test and the preview function runs duplicate instance, not too sure. But it worked fine on phone companion, without running other instance of live test. This means the app is probably ok

Try using a button (or other event triggers, like a timer) to activate the sound. they all worked fine.