Issues with the “then do” section of sound blocks. [Aug 2022]

The Live Test or apk app is automatic play sound (if you have sound in app) when it start running app after this issue fixed. Anyone happen the same as me?

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Hey @ccm-systems

Moving this out for more visibility.

Can you tell me a bit more about this and provide a minimal example by chance?

If you have sound in uour app and play when error or click the button, it should play when it click or when your command it. But since yesterday when Live Test start it start play all sound in your app automatic without click button.

can you share a minimal app that demonstrates this behavior?

minimal example

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Hello Jared.
This is a simple app and you will see error.

Error 1. The sound is start automatically when “Live Test” or starts the app without pressing any button. It plays all the sounds in the app you added.
Error 2. See attached , the “Then do” is not working if you put it inside. You have to put outside “Then do”