Sound error - Starting automatically when I test in Thunkable Live

Hello Thunkers,

I’m having an issue when I test my Apps on Thunkable Live for iOS. Whenever an App opens it plays all the sound components automatically.
I have the sounds set to play when a button is clicked, it shouldn’t happen automatically.

I have installed the latest version of the App.

This is happening on both my iPhone SE and iPad. It’s not happening when I test on Android.

Are other people also having this issue?

Hi there,

Does it happen on built apps as well? Could you show us a little example of this to reproduce the issue? Do you have a project link?

In order to get this quickly triage by the Thunkable team, are you able to share an example app that features this issue? Ideally, it’s only one screen and only has the blocks and relative components to the issue.

Why Thunkable’s team asks for Minimal Examples and what they are