Sound on button click does not work after certain no of times

Hi my students are trying to make the popular pop-it toy as an app, where they are using buttons to be clicked and playing a pop sound, but it seems on live testing on android phone the sound stops playing after a certain no of times , let say 39… I tried to search this in community but there was not any solution provided in those posts. Pls help , it is a bit urgent as we have deadline to meet. We are using drag and drop Thunkable. There is no error displayed when the sound stops playing.


Can you share a link to the project? At the very least, those blocks could be a bit more efficient. I’m trying to understand why your students are looping through 7 possible values… I assume that’s to see which color was clicked? Is it possible the code is creating too many instances of the play block?

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Thanks @tatiang. Will it be possible to make it efficient and working ?

Can you see if this works any better?

Modified project link: Thunkable


Thanks so much @tatiang for the new code, I learnt a new way of doing the same functionality with such a less code. But unfortunately the new code also stops playing the sound after a certain number of times while testing on android phone with live testing feature but it plays all along on testing it on web preview on laptop, even the earlier code I tested works well on web preview on laptop. So , can it be debugged ?

I searched the bug reports in GitHub and I believe this is a known bug: sound playback stops working after repeated use on Android · Issue #1248 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

I would recommend commenting on the bug report and including a link to this topic. And also contacting Support via the chat icon to see if they have a fix.

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Thank you @tatiang . I did as suggested in your post but I could not find a chat option.

I’m experiencing the same issue with the sounds played on the app. After a while, all the sounds stop working suddenly. I need to exit the app for them to work again. This problem occurs on both Thunkable Live and the Android APK, but everything works fine on Live Test.

I only have very basic sounds block, such as :

Hello @ltp5ddnm4 welcome to the community
We were able to replicate the issue and have flagged it to our engineering team. We’re committed to finding a resolution, and we will keep you updated as soon as there is any progress.

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is there any update on this… I feel like there is are no real resolution offered here. Even the free platforms solve issues much faster than this.

Since Play Sound component doesn’t play and Speech to text component doesn’t stop… can thunkable staff swap them so that both will behave normal. :slight_smile:

Hello @tiny_apps
This issue is happening in specific devices and is mostly related to the hardware.
The Speech to text has a stop component on StP.
But for sure I will flag these issues again to the engineer team and share an update once I have it.

Thank you Sir … for play – Does the issue happen only with the testing? or it is noted in app also. Do you have list of devices where this happens … I am using S23 Ultra

Do you think I should move to StP as a Text to speech is critical to me? I read somewhere that DnD is thing of future and I should use that? Please advise.

Thank you again for all your help… really appreciate

We have seen this issue happening in some Samsung Devices.

If you need this feature immediately, yes, you will need to move to StP.

Then you can convert your project to DnD at any time.

We have a beta component that is doing that. I gave you access to it
Will you please refresh your browser and attempt to use it?

It will convert any project that you open in Snap To Place into Drag And Drop.
Please be careful, you can not do the opposite once you have converted them.

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i face this problem too . i tested it on my vivo phone . please let me know how to solve it . i not understand what you say by StP, DnD. please help

Hello @mousumjyotikakotiwki, welcome to the community!
As I understand the issue that you are currently experiencing is probably the sound stops after a number of times. For this issue unfortunately there are not any known workaround. (The workaround with StP and DnD is for another issue.)
Please correct me if I am wrong, but after you close and reopen the app I think the sound works again.

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Yes you are right. Can you please give me the solution for that problem. I need unlimited click actionable system. If you solve it then it will be great for me. Thanks for your response