Sound on button click does not work after certain no of times

Hi my students are trying to make the popular pop-it toy as an app, where they are using buttons to be clicked and playing a pop sound, but it seems on live testing on android phone the sound stops playing after a certain no of times , let say 39… I tried to search this in community but there was not any solution provided in those posts. Pls help , it is a bit urgent as we have deadline to meet. We are using drag and drop Thunkable. There is no error displayed when the sound stops playing.


Can you share a link to the project? At the very least, those blocks could be a bit more efficient. I’m trying to understand why your students are looping through 7 possible values… I assume that’s to see which color was clicked? Is it possible the code is creating too many instances of the play block?

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Thanks @tatiang. Will it be possible to make it efficient and working ?

Can you see if this works any better?

Modified project link: Thunkable

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Thanks so much @tatiang for the new code, I learnt a new way of doing the same functionality with such a less code. But unfortunately the new code also stops playing the sound after a certain number of times while testing on android phone with live testing feature but it plays all along on testing it on web preview on laptop, even the earlier code I tested works well on web preview on laptop. So , can it be debugged ?

I searched the bug reports in GitHub and I believe this is a known bug: sound playback stops working after repeated use on Android · Issue #1248 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

I would recommend commenting on the bug report and including a link to this topic. And also contacting Support via the chat icon to see if they have a fix.

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Thank you @tatiang . I did as suggested in your post but I could not find a chat option.