Audio when button is clicked stops working after a while

Hi! So I’m working on a simple language learning quiz app. My problem is that after a while of clicking a bunch of different buttons, the audio stops playing.

So how it’s supposed to work is, there are some buttons when pressed that will play an audio file. There are 6 topics in my app. The problem happens like this : I do a quiz on one topic. When I finish, I go and choose another topic to do. But when I am doing the new topic the buttons don’t make sounds when I tap on them anymore.

Each topic has their own database containing the audio files. Which means I have 6 database tables.

I’m new to thunkable and still learning. Would appreciate if anyone has an idea on what I’m doing wrong!

Edit : Maybe this will help if I mention it, but it usually happens when I Live Test it on a phone or through the app when downloaded with the apk. It doesn’t really happen in the web preview.


hi there and Welcome! can you share a screenshot of your blocks or a link to the project?
so we can see what you have done so far.
heres a link to my project

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I don’t see whats wrong it works on my android phone.
It has a bit of Delay but it works.

Really? Maybe my phone is the issue then, because I tried Live Testing it again and it’s still happening.
And thanks for replying!

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Maybe have you tried dowoading it

Yes I have. Still the same situation. But I have not tried using a different phone. So I’ll have to try that.