Play Sound Buttons only work one time

Trying to make a “soundboard” app where you click on a button and a song plays. The problem is it only works one time. The first time clicking on each button it works great. If you go to press Button One a second time, it restarts the sound from button three. Any ideas?

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First, are you previewing the app in the project detail page? If so, try previewing it somewhere else, like within the project design or the live test app.

Second, try doing something like this, a buffer, so that when you click the button, it plays the sound, and then after the desired amount of time, the audio will stop, and then you can keep pressing it, and it will keep making the sound. :arrow_down:

You can also try something like this :arrow_down:

Seems like a bug but I want to confirm, can you try this project and let me know if you’re hearing the correct sounds and sequence of sounds when you click the button each time. Thanks!

the link says I need a pro account to access.

Sorry, link updated.

After hitting the button a second time, I only hear the “click” not the strum. Here is my project … Thunkable

Same. Just tested it…

Try using my blocks above.

Thats the same with the project you gave us @matt_conroy, when pressing the button the first time, it works fine, but when pressing it the second time, I just hear the sound of the block clicking.

No luck, I am working with 5th graders trying to help them make a sound board. In a perfect world the simpler the code the better. I appreciate your help.

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Looks Like it might not be just me. Check out the comment from This Youtube Tutorial

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Ok. Think this is a job for @matt_conroy and his team.

The same issue. Any updates?

This issue has been acknowledged by our Product team but we don’t have any timeline for a fix yet, however. I’ll have to update you here if I receive any news.

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