[Solved] New line workaround for Thunkable X

I Finally After A Week Or So Trying To Figure Out How To Make A New Line In A Label I Figured It Out By Myself.
I’m Having A Guess Someone Else Figured Out This By This Method But I Just Figured It Out Through Tons Of Trial And Error.

And Today I’m Going To Share To Everyone The One Thing That Probably Many New Members To Thunkable Have Been Wondering How To Do And That Is Creating A New Line In A Label, Text Input.

So What I Did Was Created A Tag / Entry In Firebase And Named It br Then Set The Value To \n Then Edited The Tag / Entry’s Value And Set It To \n Since It Automatically Made The Value \\n For Some Reason.

Then Went Into Blocks And This Is What I Did:

I Do Not Know If It Works If You Set It To A Variable So Go Ahead And Experiment.

If You Have A Different Method That Isent Adding A Bunch Of Spaces To Do This Leave It In The Comments Below.


Hi Danny,

to be true, at first your recommendation sounded hilarious.

But now I think its genious and one of the most creative and sophisticated workarounds in this forum - my respect.
Like street-art it will vanish once the @thunkable team will fix this bug. But until then many members of the community will rely on your solution.


P.S.: It took some time for me until i figured out, that I will have to type “\n” (with quotation marks) into the firebase value, because typing \n (without quotation marks) will lead to “\\n”


Thanks For Your Reply.
This Warms My Heart.

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This is genius!

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I have a suspicion that in the ListViewer on Android your method also does not work.

do you mean newline works in listviewer on iOS?

I have not used thunkable for weeks now. I started learning react native and am very happy to have no borders and limitations now.

Yes, your method works in Label on both platforms and ListViewer on iOS. I tried 5-6 ways on Android and none of them works with ListViewer.

React Native is an interesting technology. There is also Native Script, but I like it less. At one time I was interested in qml and the V-Play platform. From - web frameworks like Framework7 - there is a very productive virtual list and many components.

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Thank you very much! it worked perfectly with Andorid in a Label.

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This way did not work with me, i think i made it wrong
I saved tag value to “\n” with quotation marks as mentioned above by @User81
then i edited in the database to be \n as said by @Danny_Smoka

BUT still not working, can anybody help me with clear answer, please?

Paste your blocks please

Oh, during taking screen shots of the blocks, i found that i was doing a mistake.
It worked with me. Thanks

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Please post your fix so others can benefit.

I will reply with all the steps very soon

That is what i have done, and it worked with me

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Thanks for this, I don’t understand how it works though, could be so kind and explain?
I probably should study how json works to understand this

EDIT: both methods work, thank you

However, it didn’t work :confused:
i changed the name of the x in the function but not in the property of json, right?

hi @maxb can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using? Do they match these: