Break line in a label

How can I make a break line in a label component?
I try with \n or html “
” but there is not result.

Use html as in the example

Try to insert between the lines of a text block with a very long string of spaces. Set the Text Input properties: width=200, height=200, multiline = true, editable = false.


Does this method work for everyone?

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thanks. I inserted a text with a very long string of spaces. and it works

I think this is even a problem in Swift. I think there should be a friendlier solution…

\n works for me

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Hey Everyone This Is A Solution.

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Also, if you need to give multiple line breaks, you should add the invisible character - “⠀” (between quotes; copy it) before the spaces. This is because more spaces than sufficient still equate to a single line change.

Hi, can you please show as its block for better understanding

you can use newline

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\n works perfectly fine.

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