[Solved] New line workaround for Thunkable X

EDIT: they both work

Now I’m trying this method, before i tried the JSON one and couldn’t make it work

EDIT: IT WORKS, I just didn’t have connection to thunkable site

I did this

From x.thunkable.com

after manually inserting this

From console.firebase.google.com

cause with the thunkable save command it didn’t do it, and i had to change it from \\n to \n,

but unfortunately it’s not working, could it be a design issue? I don’t know but don’t think so

I’m not sure - I tried to create a local version of this this morning (so that you wouldn’t need the Firebase component) but it wouldn’t work.

I’m haven’t tried this approach myself, so I’m not sure if it even works anymore, perhaps @Danny_Smoka can shed some light on this for us?

I just found out that i had no real connetion to the thunkable site, so all the job was not actually updating, I’ll try again the json one first

The firebase database one works, and the JSON one too, so since it’s better and does not require an internet connection i’ll use the JSON one, i just didn’t have connection T_T

thanks everybody

Im back but i didnt think this post would get so popular if you need help just ask

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Hey @Danny_Smoka,

Thanks for sharing such a useful work-around with the community. Hopefully you’ll be pleased to learn that we’ve now released a dedicated newline block to make everyone’s lives easier.

cc: @maxb @abedo @cian_o_sullivan @Ingrid_Spessotti @actech @User81 @Ana_Dan