Label HTML in the next release

Hello dears,
I do need a label HTML “Where you can make a new line, changing color or resizing font as in the classical Android” in the next release, please.
I’m working on a good app that needs this feature and a few more such as: Material icons, Editing Tab bar, Notifier, visible and non-visible components in the block section, Advanced feature for buttons, List picker and Video player.
My regards!

You can create a new line the others im sure you can find a work around like i did have a look at this:

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Thanks buddy! This is a real time db and it needs internet. What I’m asking is to add a feature for the label to be able to customize it into html that allows us to change color, size, bold and new line of specific words or sentences within a single label.
As the one on classical Android.

There is no html currently that im aware of but im sure you can make a picture and just upload it as an image and when you want to change the text just change the image and make lots of images that the only work around i can think of right now.

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Images will take a lot of size and the words will not be clear.
I’m sure Thunkable team will add this feature to the label in the next releases.
Thanks a lot buddy!


An example of an HTML label.