Are there any plans to allow markdown or html format for labels or any other text equivalent?

Currently labels seem to be the only way to display text in a simple way. However they have zero formatting beyond the basic font parameters. I’ve seen an old post in 2018 ask this question HTML format for label - #4 by actech but the project example links are all broken.

I am required to provide basic formatting to large chunks of text, ie bullet points, line breaks and paragraphs. If there is no way to do so then unfortunately I won’t be able to use thunkable at all :frowning:

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At the moment labels do not support full-fledged HTML formatting; but as per one of your requirements, linebreaks are doable -

  • If in designer part of label, just add \n in the text, and it would create a line break.
  • If setting text from blocks, add a replace block - \n with image, and it would add a line break wherever in the text you’ve added the \n character.

You could always use the webviewer to display your text. It’s not the most str8forward implementation but it’s doable and flexible AF

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Oh great, I do see that \n works. That’s very helpful I think it should be good enough for now

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Thanks for that. It’ll be worth trying. Would you happen to have any examples of the steps involved?

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