How put a bold text in blocks

I try put <b>Text</b> and <strong>Text</strong> in blocks but it doesn’t work. Where is this option in Thunkable X? I try add italic too.

Hey Diego,

Unfortunately there is no support for HTML formatting in labels in Thunkable X right now.

As a work-around, is there any way you can use two labels?

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I want show several array elements. Some elements are bold, others italic and others regulars.
I have two options:

  • One: A single long label with tags, how in thunkable classic
  • Two: Generate dinamically as individual labels as elements I have into array

Option one is not yet implemented.
Option two?

Similar issue here, but within list items. Do you suggest any workaround for my case @domhnallohanlon?

Just bumping this topic back up incase a new workaround is found or added into

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I know this is tooooo much for making text BOLD but at least it is workable for most use cases.