Change bold/italics in one label?

Hi everyone! Is it possible to have different bolds/italics within the same label?
(I can’t use separate labels for what I am doing).

So I want something like:
Hi this is (bold)bold(/bold) and this is (italic)italic(/italic).

Even though I can use HTML in the forum posts (for example, <b> and </b>), it does not work in labels. Any ideas?
(Also tried using the join block but it did not seem to work, only added the text not the weight).

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Labels in Thunkable are not HTML enabled and therefore you will not get the required effect.

See my make bold sample project for a workaround

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Ah, I think I see what you did. You copied a bold font from a text generator and pasted it into thunkable?

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Yes, so you can have all kind of characters (bold, italic) or other typeface.

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