Is there any way I can bold/italic certain parts of text through blocks?


I am thinking of bold-ing some particular words in a sentence, just like this -

This is a sample sentence.

You see, I bold-ed some words in a sentence up there - now is it possible to do it through blocks? I tried doing <b>text</b> & <strong>text</strong>, but it didn’t seem to work…

Do you have any other methods/ideas I can use? Thanks!

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I created a workaround but seems too much for too little.

Make the text bold

Try it. Maybe you can build on the idea.


Interesting! Do you know of a way to make certain parts of a label bold/italic? I want to highlight a certain word in my text.

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You can use the same idea I used but use the join text block to mix the normal with the bold.

If you want to change the typed text then you can make use of tags or place holders just like html codes. You will need to create a parsing function.


That’s a really interesting solution!

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Hi, @muneer!

Love your idea, but when I tested it, the bold text compared & placed side-by-side to normal text looks kind of different on iOS - it looks like there are two words with different fonts -


Rather than looking like 2 different fonts, It should be like this - ‘This is a sample sentence.’

Anyways, I have unfortunately dropped my idea of doing the ‘bold-out specific words in a sentence’ thing for now - so I wouldn’t need it this time :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Even I had the same idea… @muneer responded here.



I just added another label in the screen with mixed (normal and bold) using the same function designed earlier.

    [b] does this work? [/b]

It is BB markup

@jared I am not sure if I got that - please elaborate :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s possible to bold individual words using and then copy and paste them into a non-bold sentence. But it doesn’t let you format text as bold dynamically using blocks.

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This is basically what I did @tatiang

I took all the alphabet from a unicode table and use them to make a Thunkable list. This way I can map the characters one to one to convert to bold.

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Yes, I liked your solution. It just depends on whether or not someone wants to programmatically do this or just copy and paste text into a label.