HTML format for label

In classic thunkable/ai2 we have option to make label accept html tags. Can’t find such option in thunkable X. I don’t know if I missed it or simply not available yet.

If it is not available, then how are we supposed to include line breaks, or selectively markdown a segment of text?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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In my demo project on the Text utils page there is an example of getting and using the return character, as well as an example of creating html in the Web Viewer.

To create a bulleted list, use Unicode characters, for example: ● ■ :arrow_forward: .

Hi, @actech, thanks for suggestion.

I went through your demo project. Very nice of you. But in the label that you suggested, I don’t see the text arranged in paragraphs. All the label text seems to be in a single paragraph.

And thanks for your suggestion for using web viewer for HTML (learned from one of @domhnallohanlon youtube video. ), but the label system in the classical version was very convenient. Even the text that we load from firebase database can be associated with HTML tags and it loads beautifully.

Would also like to have answers from @domhnallohanlon, @amrita, @Mark.

Thanks in advance!!

For the text to be in paragraphs, you first need to get the \n character with the top field - go to the field and press the return key, and then the Save \n button. There is no other way to get \n. After that, click the button Press for use \n. Do you need an empty string? Put the symbol \n twice in a row.

I attach my screenshot.

Or does it not work for you on iOS?

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We will eventually have the ability to display at least some subset of HTML, either in the Label component or some new component. In the meantime the approaches mentioned my @actech seem reasonable.


Thanks @actech and @Mark. Hope that’s not a big work for developers and add that feature soon. Coz we have lot more control over label with blocks in classic version than for webview.