How thunkable was a great start in my app development enthusiasm (100% Recommend)

So here is the story of how I first discovered Thunkable and how fun it was to create an app with it, and how it made me go into android studio app programming.

So this begins back in 2018 when I was creating a discord server and wanted a cool app to go alongside it that would be specific to the server (never got to the point in thunkable to make those server-specific functions) and I came across lots of websites most was janky until I found thunkable and immediately it reminded me of Scratch the block programming game and found this website instantly easy to pick up and develop an app.

So I grinded day in and out making the app until I ran into an issue which is fixed now which was creating a new line in a text field which sounds simple enough but there was no real way to do this within blocks until I found a very obscure way to achieve it using firebase database.

Once I found the solution I then published it to the community and it rocketed with interaction which was the first-ever time I discovered the meaning of communities, experienced it and participated in helping a community from then I checked that post day after day reading the comment smiling that I was able to help, I would search up people posting a question on how to create new lines within blocks and posted them my solution. ([Solved] New line workaround for Thunkable X)

Which was awesome like it felt awesome. I then continued my work on my app and I made it soo complex and big that once you zoomed out to fit all the block code on screen you couldn’t read any letters at this point I faced the limitation to this website, which by no means it’s bad it introduced me to app development and I am so grateful for it. But the website was a pain to debug my app add features and move between block pages and it was stuttering like mad. I hit the point where it was painful to carry on developing which is expected since I don’t believe this website was made to develop very complex and big apps.

More like being able to make several apps and just more creativity into it which I certainly did in my own way.

So then I started looking for ways to actually start programming an app and from then I have learnt so much which wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t find Thunkable.

Just recently I was going through my password check-up that google has and discovered Thunkable again and I remembered my project and the post I did (just a “couple” years later) and I’ve now decided to make my project public (since that wasn’t an option back then anyway) and share this story with you.

Anyway, I hope I don’t break any rules by posting this and referring to other programs in this post but I love this website even though I don’t use it anymore and haven’t touched it, it was such a great place to start off in and brings back even more enthusiasm I have for app development since looking at this website and looking back on my project.

Well speaking of my project I created on here it no longer works due to database issues and the fact that I will now delete said database so it cant connect at all, but all the block code is there so if anyway wanna see a huge project that some pages probably won’t load but go right ahead, I’m sure there are a lot of improvements that I could have done to that block code so I do not recommend using it as a reference or guide as for what you should do as it is 4 years old pretty much and there are probably way more easier ways to do things as new blocks and stuff has been added to this awesome website.

But here is the link have a look and reply in the comments about what you think of my experience everyone has different experiences no one’s experiences are wrong or right. I will check in every so often to reply to comments and messages.


It’s great that you’re sharing your story of how you found Thunkable, how it inspired and excited you, and how you gave back to the community here! Thunkable is going to be different things to different people. For some, like you, it’s a great stepping stone to other tools. Congrats on what you’ve achieved!