1st day here, and struggling on how to get started

So I created an a/c & took 1st month pro membership to built an app for my cab business. Thanks to excellent email, pre-sales support of Thunkable, I was able to make a prototype on Figma, but now when I am actually in the Project page, I am struggling a lot on how to bring that figma prototype into reality.

So watched the YT tutorial, and got stuck on the " Sign in Screen with Stored Variables" video,

So, guys can anyone direct me to right direction?

Regards, Jatin

check this template… myself did that too on my 1st day here :relaxed:

Hi Mimostel

The screen looks awesome, and I get that I can use the design made by you.

Actually this is my 1st app project, and I only have experience in creating wordpress website (thats for my business too) and there we just bought a theme (drag & drop) & start building our page, on existing pages. But I am not sure whether I can get a same Project, or even a close one for which I am looking for.

So as you have some experience under the belt, could you share how should I learn the basic “Block system”?

Hi, welcome to Thunkable!
Thunkable is quite easy to learn for beginners. Can you please outline what you want your app to do, as well as where you are stuck and some screenshots of your blocks and design page?

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that is not mine :face_with_hand_over_mouth: … ive told you that was my 1st to learn only…

the secret is quite simple… proceed with simple tasks at the beginnig (like a label shown when you press a buton) then you will get further on more complicated things. When stucked with something, ask for indications here on forum.

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Actually I am not stuck at something, its just that I was not aware of the Block System, as my background is of Wordpress Website drag & drop,

So I am just looking for some tips to get familiar with the block system, as I believe that its the one of the main feature here.

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As @codeswept and @mimostel said, start simple. For me personally, these are the things I think you should learn in the beginning.

First off, before you actually start any of the programming, take a look at the general blocks in the block designer. Just take a second to score around and just look around and see what you can recognize.

After you’ve taken a look at this, I would open up a new project just so you can test and get used to things, and not have to worry about breaking something. Once you’ve created a new project, take a look at some of the simplest features of the designer. Drag some of the basic components onto the designer screen and look at the box associated for those. Some of those basic components would be the button, label, text box, switch, List viewer. Once you’ve put those components on the screen, go to the block view and look at the bikes that are associated with those components. You can find these on the left navigation in the center in towards the bottom.

Once you have an idea about the individual box, start playing with some actions. Do things like when button is pressed, set text this. Or when button is pressed, set the label text to what is inside the text box.

The next thing to look at might be variables. I would only focus on app variables for now. Do you things like create a counter, or when you click a button, it adds one to the counter variable and displays that variable value on the label. Or create a variable with a string, and set the label text to that variable string.

Start really simple. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! We are all here to help. Another great resource is the Docs page which can be found at this link.